The Complete Guide to
Blender Graphics

Blender is a comprehensive application, therefore it is impossible to include everything in a single manual. The topics listed here are complimentary to “The Complete Guide to Blender Graphics” and are intended to be used in conjunction with the book. The reader must have studied the book and mastered the operation of the controls applicable to the supplement.

How to break or fracture an object into multiple parts when impacted by another object.
Cell fracture performs a similar operation to Object Fracture but with more sophisticated controls.
Cell Fracture 2 describes Operator Presets for determining how an object fractures.
How to simulate shattering a glass window using Cell Fracture.
NavMesh (Navigation Mesh) creates a path for an object to follow and automaticaly seek another object
The basic principles of constructing a train of objects and animating  to follow a track.
Introduction -The Grease Pencil provides tools for drawing lines (strokes) on the Screen to make annotations, create shapes and produce 2D Animations.
Layors and Colors - Understanding how Strokes, Stroke Colors and Grease Pencil Layers are associated
2D Animation - How to create 2D Animation using Strokes
2D Animation - How to create 2D Animations using Layers with Armatures.
Screen Arrangement - How to create a dedicated Screen Arrangement in a Blender file for 2D Animation in the Grease Pencil.
Bsurfaces - How to use the Bsurfaces Add-on with the Grease Pencil to create Mesh Shapes and Objects.
Blender User Interface - Download Blender ZIP File