Test Drive Blender
Chapter 1 Introduction 
Discover Blender and Computer Graphics. See examples of images made with Blender and find out how to view some fantastic video demonstrations. Start your engine for the test drive and begin learning the controls. Learn about the screen arrangement and windows and how to move things around, and importantly how to start over when you mess up. Believe me, you will. 
Chapter 2 Playing with Fire 
Learn to add objects to a scene, and set them alight by playing an animation. This should kindle your imagination without burning your fingers. 

Chapter 3 Quick Explode 
Blow something up with a quick method. Get introduced to the Properties Window, the control room for Blender, and add color to the world. Learn how to turn Gravity off.

Chapter 4 Exploding the Long Way 
Take a quick look at explosions and how they are controlled by Particle Systems with the use of Modifiers.

Chapter 5 Modeling 
Start with a basic shape and change it into something interesting. Use the Manipulation Widget. Learn about Extrusion and Modifiers. Meet Suzanne and see how she is constructed. Change a Sphere into an Aircraft.

 Chapter 6 Saving Your Work 
Understand how to save your work using the File Browser Window in Blender and how this relates to Windows File Explorer . Find out what a File Tree looks like.

Chapter 7 Materials 
Add Color to your world with Materials and see the effect of lighting.

Chapter 8 Textures 
Add surface lumps and bumps. Make a surface look like something else using an image. 
Use an image to make lumps and bumps and add a background. 

Chapter 9 Downloading and Using Models
Download a pre made model and use it in your Blender Scene. See how a model is rigged and posed to suit what you want.

Chapter 10 Spin Magic 
Create circular objects with Blender's Spin Tool. Make a Screw.

Chapter 11 Quick Fluid 
Make a Fluid Simulation with the Quick Fluid Tool.
Chapter 12 Animation 
Animation is what you have been waiting for. Make your characters and objects move about. 
Have your model follow a Curve Path in your Scene.  Learn how to shape the Curve Path. 
Make the Camera follow the moving object.

Chapter 13 Dynamic Paint 
Use one object to paint another object. Learn about Animation Sequence time. Make animated waves on a surface.
Chapter 14 Physics 
Give your objects in a scene real world physical characteristics and have them interact with each other.

Chapter 15 Games 
This is the other bit you have been waiting for.  Learn the fundamentals of making computer games with the Blender Game Engine.
Chapter 16 Project 
Try out an animation project combining several Blender features to make something fly, blow up and catch on fire.
Chapter 17 Installation 
If you didn't know how, this is where you find out how to download and install Blender on your Windows Computer.

Chapter 18 Blender Overhaul 
Look under the hood and discover more about Blender. See a summary of the Blender windows which gives you an insight into what you can do with the program. When you get stuck into Blender and begin to tinker inside you will need a manual to help you, and tutorials to guide you.

Blender is a big program, Computer Graphics is a big subject, everyone needs help along the way, and help is truly appreciated.